Hi, I'm Tobi

Being a former salesperson and knowing that such a job could not satisfy my need for personal growth, I took a leap into web development in 2018. It was - still is - great, and I enjoy being able to put my thoughts into projects and build new things up from scratch.

At the end of 2020, right in the middle of the still ongoing Covid pandemic, I started writing articles and found it a good sport for recreation. Not only because it's enjoyable and I learn one or another thing along the way, but also because it helps others.

Today, just like back then, my vision of this blog is to make knowledge about modern web development available for everybody. That means:

  • No sponsored ads, no third-party tracking, no data milking
    This blog uses no restrictive subscription models or paywalls. Also, readers are treated are such, not as data cows. You might note some services in my articles that have a paid version - in such case, I do not promote them because someone asked me to, but because I find them useful.
  • Accessibility over accuracy.
    Articles must provide value. If there's a choice to be made between keeping things simple OR keeping things technically accurate, however, I'll always prefer the former.
  • Free content, as in free beer
    My articles heavily focus on open source technologies. So it's only logical that my articles follow the same philosophy. All content that origins on this website (including its theme candidus-lite) is available under the MIT License.

So if you like what I do and want to support me, you're very welcome to follow me on on 🌈 Dev.to.